Earth Day Thoughts

Hi everyone! As promised, we have another post for you. Like Oreo Thoughts, in which we asked each of you for a sentence or two that described your feelings / reaction to the Oreo Truffles, Earth Day Thoughts does the same. The only difference is, we're asking you for your thoughts on the Chocolate Dirt Pudding Cupcakes. Here they are below, but first, a word of advice: 

Don't just open a box of cupcakes and have a free-for-all. It'll be gone and devoured by your classmates faster than you can say, "Wait, I should probably save some for.....others." Some people scrambled off with their cupcakes before we could ask them for their Earth Day Thoughts. Nonetheless, we have managed to (miraculously) salvage some photos and reaction quotes. 

Apologies to those who deserve or were promised a cupcake but didn't get one. The mad dash for cupcakes shouldn't be taken lightly. Fortunately, we learn from our mistakes, and we promise this mistake will not be repeated. Everyone shall have their just dessert.

Here is the progression of cupcake devour-ation in less than 3 minutes.

Scene 1: 12 cupcakes.

Scene 2: 5 cupcakes.

Scene 3: 2 cupcakes.

Now for the photo and reaction quotes.

Your Pass the Cocoa chefs,

Caroline & Monica