Piñata Cookies

Hi everyone! Sorry for the long month of drool-less food photos; alas, graduation and open houses and a whole bunch of other things have popped up, leaving us little to no time for baking. But not to worry! Summer is here, and we will be making lots of yummy stuff, including but not limited to chocolate chip cookie dough truffles and key lime pie ice cream.

For now, we made pi

ñata cookies! Yayyyy! Super duper belated Cinco de Mayo treat (Actually, I didn't . But let's be honest, you don't actually need an occasion to make these candy-filled cookies. They're fun and super easy to make on a regular basis. Seriously, these are so easy; you'll love it.

Best of all, they're filled with surprises! Who doesn't love surprises?

PS. Special thanks to Nimisha for being the inspiration of this dessert! Couldn't have done it without you (:

Piñata Cookies

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Yields: 12-14 piñatas

Time: approximately 1 hour


sugar cookie mix (or you can make from scratch)

canned vanilla frosting (or you can make from scratch)

mini M&Ms (as many as you see fit, since this is the piñata filling)


food coloring (optional; we used red for a more festive look.)


1. Bake sugar cookies according to instructions. Cool.

2. Carve a good sized indent on the bottoms of each cookie and fill with mini M&Ms and sprinkles.

3. Use frosting to put the two cookies together to form an edible piñata.

Bon apetit!

Monica & Caroline